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Upcoming Performances:

Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 6:30 PM

Consulate General of Argentina

12 W 56th St. New York, NY

Monday, November 18, 2013

Edward Nash Theater

Raritan Valley Community College

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G*D is a multimedia dance work directed and choreographed by Gabriel Chajnik. It is based on the biographical story of Haim Tzvi Rosmarim, survivor of the Jewish holocaust. Haim Rosmarim's testimony of survival was written in Argentina in 1998 and will soon published in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has been translated by his daughter Hannah Rosmarim Steinhaus from Yiddish to Spanish. Director Gabriel Chajnik, a relative of Hannah, is working as the English translator.

This multimedia performance shares the compelling survival story of Rosmarim and his family during the Nazi occupation of Poland. The family is unable to find a safe house following the burning of their town, Rowno. To escape persecution the family digs a hole under a barn, where they live for a year and a half. The work explores the rituals, thoughts and feelings as they endure this extreme situation, eventually ending in liberation.

As I am exposed to current events, I am overwhelmed by the similarities of modern day atrocities to the terror's of World War II. It is such a monumental horror, often incomprehensible to our hearts and minds. I want to develop a dance vocabulary and work that confronts the overwhelming emotions left by those who were forced to suffer. I believe that dance is a powerful force capable of overcoming this paralysis of emotion. It is my hope that this performance encourages peace and healing in a turbulent world.

My goals in creating this work are:

- Bringing to life a testimony of survival in times of great violence and intolerance.
- Utilizing dance as an exploratory narrative tool. I want to use the storytelling potential of movement to encourage amity while constructing an space for reconciliation.
- Building an educational tool. G*d's use of true-to-life personal and historical narrative helps to teach audiences about life during the Holocaust. I have begun reaching out to communities and museums to help further develop this intent.